Ramp Pressure Tester for PET KEG

… about

an efficient burst tester to measure expansion and internal pressure of PET KEGs, constructed almost entirely from stainless steel, this robust tester has been validated and is used by most of the PET KEG manufacturers & fillers.

… technical

  • up to 20 BAR pressure
  • up to 30 Litre PET KEG
  • test Profile, up to 4 Ramp/Dwell phases

… features

  • easy to create & store new Test Profiles
  • easy calibration for Pressure and Volume
  • touchscreen, user interface (several languages selectable)


PET Kegs

Burst Test PET KEGs

PET Keg Pressure Tester datasheet
Download our Ramp Pressure Tester for PET KEG datasheet

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