Hot Fill Simulator

Development of new package shapes and designs for Hot Fill process can be high risk and challenging.

Somex Innovation
have developed a Hot Fill simulator for effective ‘Off Line’ analysis and performance testing of new designs. Designed from the ground up with usability and reliability as cornerstones of the design.
The Delta ETS is a robust reliable product using standard components from recognised suppliers. Particular attention is given to temperature control and filling nozzle design to ensure exact, repeatable simulation conditions of a Hot Fill line.

…filling Nozzle Details

Adjustable nozzle fill position.
Nozzle design and water flow patterns replicates ‘on line’ machines.
Positive ‘shut off’ tip to prevent drips while loading test specimen.

…what Is Hot Filling?

Extended shelf life can be achieved by Aseptic Filling or Hot Fill Aseptic Filling ensures a high degree of sterilisation in the filling area. Hot filling is another method beverage makers use to reduce the chances pathogens end up in their products.

The hot-filling process involves filling containers immediately after the product has been through a thermal processing step. Hot-filling may be done at temperatures between 182oF and 192oF, for example.

Bottles have to be strong enough to absorb the distortion that occurs as the beverage cools to room temperature.

…hot Fill temperatures

82oC    High Acid fruit drinks (<4.5pH) 92oC    Low Acid fruit drinks (>4.5 pH – 6.0) e.g. Tomato Juice, Green Tea


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