Delta Hi-E Ramp Burst Tester for Glass bottles & containers

…Delta Hi-E

A high efficiency glass bottle pressure tester Delta Hi-E has been validated and is now the preferred Glass Bottle Ramp Pressure Test used in the testing laboratories of many of the large Glass Container Manufacturers.

… Hi-E = High efficiency

  • Cycle time – up to 3 tests/minute
  • Large, easy to empty cullet bin – up 16 Kg’s cullet = 80 x 330ml bottles

… low initial & life cycle cost:

  • Easy for user to Calibrate
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Low cost wear parts e.g. Neck Seal approx $7.00

… also:

  • Up to 80 Bar (57 Bar 1 minute equivalent)
  • Complies with ASTM C-147
  • Touchscreen user interface (several languages selectable).
  • Validated and used by most of the large Corporations manufacturing or filling glass containers

… optional:

  • Single Cullet Collector
  • Pre fill station (for faster throughput)
  • Remote Communication Module
Delta Hi-E Ramp Burst Tester for Glass bottles & containerspre-programmed-test-profile-vs-actual-pressure

Graph displays pre programmed test profile vs actual pressure


Delta Hi-E Glass datasheet
Download our Delta Hi-E Glass Burst Tester datasheet

Technical Details
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