Delta Hi-E Ramp Pressure Tester for PET bottles & containers

…Delta Hi-E

A high efficiency ramp burst tester to measure expansion and pressure in PET containers. The Delta Hi-E has been validated and is now the preferred PET Bottle Pressure Tester by most of the large PET convertors and bottlers globally.

…low installation & life cycle cost:

  • Unlike other burst testers, no requirement for 20 BAR supply pressure (operates from 6 – 7 BAR)
  • Easy for user to calibrate low maintenance requirement
  • Low cost wear parts e.g. Neck seal approx $7.00


  • Upgradable to pressure test PET Aerosols


  • Easy for user to Calibrate Pressure & Expansion.
  • Touchscreen user interface (several languages selectable)
  • Robust – constructed almost entirely from Stainless Steel

PET bottles

Burst Test PET Bottles

PET Kegs

Burst Test PET KEG’s

PET aerosols

Burst Test PET Aerosols
Up to 30 BAR

Benefits of Delta Hi-E

The Delta has been approved and is used by many of the world’s largest PET bottle manufacturers and fillers.


Delta Hi-E PET datasheet
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Technical Details
Download our Delta Hi-E PET Technical Information datasheet

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