Auto Pipetter

The Somex Innovation Dispenser is used by busy Trade Sample Laboratories to introduce repeatability and consistency to sample preparation.

Each sample is dispensed to Grade A accuracy. Using an auto dispenser frees up the operator from the tedious task of preparing samples manually and eliminates the safety hazard associated with handling glassware.


Available in 2, 5 or 10 head configurations. Pipette configuration can be varied e.g. all heads same volume or a mixed. Usually used with ‘one way’ (disposable) cups.


The user will place a cup of ‘master batch’ under each pipette and press start. The ‘master batch’ is drawn up into the pipette using peristaltic pumps. A sensor detects when pipette is full and a stopper engages with the top of the pipette. The operator will now place new cups under each pipette, and press start. The volume of liquid in the pipette will dispense into the cup.

Note:- Pipettes are supplied calibrated to Grade A accuracy.

Cycle time
(100mL pipette) Approx 35 second fill time. (fill time is same regardless of no. of pipettes.) Approx 10 second dispense time.


A daily flush with de ionized water. Pipettes are easily removed for cleaning.


Pipettes can be calibrated in the machine by the user or easily removed for 3rd party calibration check.

…installation requirements

Electrical power 110 – 230V Compressed Air 4 Bar.

…dimensions (LxWxH)

2 Head – 230mm x 300mm x 750mm
5 Head – 600mm x 450mm x 850mm
10 head – 1370mm x 500mm x 850mm


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