Automatic Pendulum Impact Test for Glass bottles & jars

Key points:

Introduces automation to a manual & time consuming test Complies with requirements of DIN52295 & DIN51222 User safety, constructed to CE standard. Reduce potential for repeditive strain injury


Semi automatic, after loading by hand, the bottle is tested automatically. Full Automatic, loads & tests up to 1 SET of bottles automatically.


After the bottle/jar is loaded the interlocked safety door is closed and the test profile  is selected from the HMI, (Test Profile:- initial pendulum position, bottle deg. rotation  after impact, increase in pendulum drop height, height of impact etc.). After selecting START the test will proceed according the the sequence detailed in Test Profile until  the bottle/jar destructs, which is detected by vacuum. The last pendulum drop height is recorded along with height & rotation.


inch/sec., Angle, Acceleration, Velocity (V), Kinethic (E
kin), Impulse (p),
Height: Min. 65 Max. 400mm
Diameter: Min. 50 Max. 164mm
Internal finish: Min. 18
Shape: Round
Height: Min. 65 Max. 200mm
Diameter: Min. 50 Max. 164mm
Internal finish: Min. 18 Max. 98mm
Shape: Round